Facts about the Support System

Need Congress sponsor names. CALL CONGRESS NOW to eliminate over $4.4 Billion annual in anti-father Title IV-D matching incentives, which flow down to divorce judges and police - an illegal conflict of interest. These Billions are stolen from your retirement funds in the Social Security system that is going bankrupt. 

Over $6 Billion dollars every year in OCSE funding is taken from federal U.S. Social Security retirement funds and given to U.S. states as incentives for making unequal child custody orders. These incentives are increased by reducing the amount of time that children are allowed with one of their parents.

Billions more dollars are wasted every year from state and county taxes to pay for court worker salaries and free legal support and county attorney support to women with middle and upper class incomes in fights over unfair child custody. 

Over 50 Billion dollars are taken from families every year by child custody / divorce lawyers, as estimated on the basis of the (gross domestic product) incomes of the lawyer industry. This weapon of mass destruction of families is probably around the size of the #10 industry in the U.S. - hotels or oil and gas.

The federal incentives are still called Title IV-D "to Needy families." The system was established to help get children off of welfare. Years later it was expanded to any income.

Today, a tiny percent of the families in the system are welfare families, and a very tiny percent of the money in the system is going "to Needy families".

Today this system is an enormous banking system with profits and incentives that are increased by restricting children's access to one of their parents.

Today, most of the Billions of dollars and debts in the system are from middle and upper income fathers, many of whom are now low income and don't own a home and have a much poorer life-style than their separated spouse and children.  Most of the fathers thrown into American (debtor's) prisons are unemployed or can't afford the support amounts that are multiple times the actual cost of raising children.

Unfair child custody is a money making machine for court workers who use children as bait to increase their riches.

This is very much a narcissistic self-centered system with child custody judges and lawyers driving the profit-taking. 

Some day there should be trials like the Nazi war criminals (who also tortured and enslaved a part of society) to convict the terrorists and child abusers who use children as bait and as weapons to enrich themselves. 


Please call your Congress persons and ask them to defund this wicked Title IV-D system and weapon of mass destruction and to limit it "to Needy families" as it was established and is still titled.

This program is a violation of the U.S. Constitution by "interference" into private lives and state rights without "compelling need." 

A foundational basis of law is that there must be proven Harm, before Punishment.

Every state can fund their own programs as they wish, without Billions of federal incentives from Social Security retirement funds which are increased by restricting access to one parent. 
Perhaps some states can arise as safe places to have and raise children without unconstitutional interference by judges and lawyers and government workers for self-enrichment.


#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives  #CorruptJudges  CorruptJudges  #SoloMoms  SoloMoms

#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives   #CorruptJudges  SoloMoms #SoloMoms is usually #ChildAbuse of #ChildrensHumanRights  

#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives   #CorruptJudges   #SoloMoms is usually #ChildAbuse of #ChildsHumanRights

#ChildsHumanRights    #ChildrensHumanRights    ChildsHumanRights   ChildrensHumanRights   #ChildsHumanRights

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