Facts about Support Payments

For decades, the U.S. government has known and has statistics that prove that:

- the more time that fathers have with their children, the more those fathers pay support payments in full.
- The proven guaranteed solution to increasing support to children is to allow children more access to their fathers

 - but the opposite actions continue. This is called shooting yourself in the foot.

- The percentage of women who are told to pay support and refuse (so-called deadbeats) - are twice the percent of fathers.

- Percentage-wise, women are deadbeats twice as much as fathers. #SoloMoms

- Most of the fathers who cannot pay the full support amounts and debts are low-income and unemployed. 

COMMENTS - The more limits on children's access to fathers, the more money goes to lawyers and to their wicked system. This is money that should have gone to children's needs and education. This is called shooting yourself in the foot.

Time to use your head instead? The facts have proven the guaranteed solution for decades

- Give children their natural and constitutional rights to equal access to both of their parents. 


Please call your Congress persons and ask them to give back to children their natural and inalienable constitutional rights.

Deception is the key to get and keep these wicked programs funded. So that legislatures can't vote against these anti-family, anti-child, anti-father,programs, these programs have been given deceptive positive labels like "child support" when it is mostly the opposite, as the facts have proven for decades. It is mostly a program of child abuse of children who are denied the equal time and parenting and support by one of their parents. It is impossible for money to replace a parent. Compared to the little good that the program does for welfare children, the massive destruction that this program causes is more than history has seen in abuses against children. And for welfare children there has been little change in support., It has mostly changed the source of support and debt from wealthy taxpayers (like lawyers) and onto low income and unemployed fathers. 

Time to use your head and heart? The guaranteed proven "child support" solution is more time with Dad and less money to lawyers. 

Support does the opposite of the program name. This program Removes the Loving Support of One Parent in order to increase government power and money incentives. This program is a false propaganda brainwashing. When the police schedule operations to find so-called deadbeats, they spend more money on the operations than they recover in payments. So it is a propaganda war against fathers, and at the high expense of taxpayers.

There would be very little need for this system if parenting time was equal. The parents would support their children during the time they are with their own children and money would only need to be exchanged in welfare cases with one parent that receives a higher income.


If it's really child support, then submit motions to judges to have money go directly to children's bank accounts, especially for the middle and upper income parents who have more than enough money for basic expenses of children without the money exchange.


#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives  #CorruptJudges  CorruptJudges  #SoloMoms  SoloMoms

#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives   #CorruptJudges  SoloMoms #SoloMoms is usually #ChildAbuse of #ChildrensHumanRights  

#EndTitleIVdIncentives    EndTitleIVdIncentives   #CorruptJudges   #SoloMoms is usually #ChildAbuse of #ChildsHumanRights

#ChildsHumanRights    #ChildrensHumanRights    ChildsHumanRights   ChildrensHumanRights   #ChildsHumanRights

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